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The first App to pair startup Co-founders.

Connect with your future team!

Build, Measure, Learn.

CoFoundwith.Me was developed as a community service by appUgo offering full Minimum Viable Products for startups, including a hosted backand and hybrid apps, at bootstrapping-friendly setup and monthly rates.


What is CoFoundWith.Me?
CoFoundWith.Me is a the first app to pair-up startup cofounders. It’s based on a Tinder-like swipe interface, allowing uploading plain and anonymous profiles

What happens when an invitation is accepted?CoFoundWith.Me sends an intro mail to both cofounders

Why are anonymous profiles allowed?
Among other reasons to enable people having a day job to have a try at the startup scene without exposing their identity

So why LinkedIn is required to connect?
To authenticate the identity of the users and as an easy login method. Your LinkedIn details will not be accessible to other users

Can I invite anyone from the list?
Yes, but you must have a profile in place to make invitation (nickname, intro mail, elevator pitch, own expertise, sought expertise)

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